A landscape timberwall and gravel driveway

A duplex on the corner of a busy city street needs some work.
The owner wants a small parking space widened 
and the front of the property improved.
This concrete parking space was located 
on the corner of the property and was a tight fit.
 The concrete was removed and excavation work was 
done to prepare for widening of the space. 
Material is removed by truck from the job 
to prepare for the improvements.
A landscape timber retaining wall will be installed, 
as a more affordable option to stay within budget constraints.
Then a gravel driveway with a cobblestone paver apron will finish the job.
The house got a new paint job right 
before the driveway and wall were to be installed.
Palettes hold landscape timbers, which will be installed
to follow along the contour lines of the house.
The work crew installs the timberwall with 
deadmen supports for strength and stability,
as specified in the plan.

The wall follows bump outs of the home's facade.
The wall wraps around the front of the home with a
 45 degree angle to give wider access to the parking area.
Drainage is set up inside the wall on top of crushed stone 
and covered with landscape fabric.

 The wall is then be back filled.
The apron of the driveway gets formed up
with concrete for the base of the cobble skirt.
Then the cobblestones are set into the concrete.
Crushed stone applied over the cobbles
Finished driveway and wall to homeowner's specifications.

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