DAC does Excavation, Drainage, Site Work

 Call DAC Excavation if you are planning an addition and need site work.
Adding onto existing homes is done with the utmost care and 
precision. We are members of the BBB with an A++ rating!
 Join a new foundation to an existing structure,
like DAC Excavation did at this home in Reading, Mass.
DAC Excavation evaluates properties to ensure proper drainage and will install drainage systems to keep your home and yard free from water issues.
 DAC Excavation will make sure your drainage system is properly installed,
as we did at this home in Boxford, Mass.
 DAC Excavation runs water service to your property.
 DAC Excavation does the site work for cellar holes in tight quarters,
like this job site in Chelsea, Mass.
 DAC Excavation does demolition work too. Removing partial structure requires skill and care.  We carry a $2,000,000 liability insurance to protect from any damages, however we have never had a claim against us, ever.
 Demo in process, at another property in Boxford, Mass.
DAC Excavation removes all debris and leaves the site neat and clean.
So give Dave a call for a free estimate for whatever your needs are~
We are happy to answer any questions 
or make arrangements for a site visit.

About Our Company

Welcome! DAC is a family run business serving the Boston area since 2005.
The services provided include residential excavation needs such as grading and site work, trenching, installation of water and sewer lines, house and pool demolitions & more.
We pride ourselves in finishing jobs in a timely manner
and help you keep to your schedule. We always return your phone calls!
CALL 781-844-4827 and ask for Dave.

Residential Excavation and Site Work
Drainage Systems
Utilities Installation/Repair (water, sewer & electric)
Driveway, Sidewalk and Patio Construction
Pool Demolition
Retaining Walls