DAC does House Demos and New Foundations

 Here today.....Gone tomorrow.
 DAC can take down your old structure, and prepare
the way for your new home with a beautiful new foundation.
DAC has all different sizes of excavators so we can choose the right sized 
machine to fit on any home lot from tiny to large so we can remove 
 these old homes safely, with a minimum of disruption to the neighborhood.
In just hours, this home in Medford was removed 
carefully and quickly to make way for a new home.
Safety fencing surrounds the site as the foundation hole will be dug next
to the builders specifications.  Let DAC handle your demo job and foundation work
to make your dream home a reality! 
Give us a call today for a free estimate and phone
consultation on your project at 781-844-4827.

About Our Company

Welcome! DAC is a family run business serving the Boston area since 2005.
The services provided include residential excavation needs such as grading and site work, trenching, installation of water and sewer lines, house and pool demolitions & more.
We pride ourselves in finishing jobs in a timely manner
and help you keep to your schedule. We always return your phone calls!
CALL 781-844-4827 and ask for Dave.

Residential Excavation and Site Work
Drainage Systems
Utilities Installation/Repair (water, sewer & electric)
Driveway, Sidewalk and Patio Construction
Pool Demolition
Retaining Walls